Review: Voo Doo Doughnuts at Universal City Walk

Today, we head over to Universal Orlando’s City Walk to take a look at what’s probably the most exciting aspect of the entire resort… quality donuts!


Voodoo Doughnut is a shop that originated in Portland, Oregon known for it’s pink boxes and fun illustrations. The independantly owned company has opened 5 shops outside of Portland, one of which is at City Walk.


The shop is located near the entrance to Universal Studios Florida, right next door to the NBC Sports Grill.



The shop offers several types of gourmet donuts, most of which you won’t likely find anywhere else. The menu resembles a coffin which I guess fits in with the theme?


There is a rotating display in the center of the room so you can take a look at all the options as you try to decide. The restaurant offers pre-selected dozen or half dozen combos which are a bit cheaper than ordering any 6 / 12 you want ala carte.


That being said, most folks are probably going to want to mix and match their own choices.


Quite honestly, these donuts are expensive. Plain cake style range from $1.50 – $2.00 each which isn’t terrible. However, the more gourmet options (which is most likely what you will want to try) range from $2.25 – $3.75 with no discounts for bulk buys. We spent over $19 on a half dozen during our most recent trip.


I wouldn’t say there is good value here for what you get. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy them either. They are definitely a special occasion / vacation splurge type of purchase.


The box makes a good conversation piece on the boat ride back to your resort too if staying on property. Several people saw the box and commented to us on how they wish they thought to pick some up as well.


We were excited to get back to our room and try them out.


We start with a basic glazed donut. This was a good version of the most basic of donuts. Nothing exciting or special… but good.


Next, is the Bacon Maple Bar!


This thing was delicious, although its still a bit odd eating a donut topped with bacon.


The inside was nice an fluffy and the maple icing was so good! The bacon added some saltiness but I would have enjoyed it just as much without it I think (which is offered at a cheaper price).


The Little Pink is your standard strawberry icing donut and reminds us of The Simpsons. Again, this was a basic donut done well.


The Chuckles is a raised donut with chocolate frosting, dipped in mocha powder and topped with peanuts and caramel and chocolate drizzle. This was my favorite of the bunch!


The Portland Cream is the shops version of a Boston / Bavarian Cream donut. This is typically my favorite type of donut from a chain shop like Dunkin or Krispy Kreme and this is a solid, if unspectacular version of that. The two eyes are supposed to represent the great vision of Portland, or something like that.


Last, we have the Dirt. Vanilla frosted and topped with chunks of Oreos, this is basically cookies and cream. It was very good as expected.


Overall, Voodoo Doughnuts has a lot of really fun and yummy options, albeit at a high price. We continue to make at least one visit there for trip as the overall experience is worth it for us! As long as they expect to pay a premium going in, I don’t think anyone will be disappointed by the unique and fun menu or the quality of the product.


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