Restaurant Marrakesh Review

Restaurant Marrakesh is a table service restaurant located in the Morocco pavilion of World Showcase. The restaurant is at the way back of the pavilion and serves Moroccan and other Arabian dishes. We find it to be incredibly underrated!


The Morocco pavilion was the first expansion of World Showcase, opening in 1984. The Moroccan  King Hassan II sent his artisans to Florida to aide in the constructing of the entire pavilion. Much of the insane attention to detail can be found inside Restaurant Marrakesh with meticulous hand tiling, detailed wood carvings, ornate brass chandeliers, thuja-inlaid paneling, and bukhara carpets.









Like many restaurants inside the parks, the tables are set a bit too close together for optimal comfort.



While I wouldn’t call the restaurant super fancy, it does have a very ornate feel. There is so much detail put into everything.




The menu focuses mainly on various meats and seafood, most served with couscous; the national dish of Morocco. There are vegetarian options as well.


Here is a look at the full menu listed on the Walt Disney World website:

marrakesh 1

marrakesh 2

marrakesh 3

A small menu of specialty adult beverages is available in addition to the typical various soft drinks.

marrakesh 3.5

There are plenty of “safe options” for kids as well. Disney will also bring you an adult sized portion of anything on the kids menu (at a higher price of course) if you have a picky eater in your group. This is one of the more exotic menu’s in World Showcase which is part of what we love about it!.

marrakesh 4

We are big fans of the “Appetizer Sampler Platter for Two”. It includes Beef Brewat Rolls, Chicken Bastilla and a Jasmine Salad. We typically order this and then split an entree if it is just the two of us.


The Beef Brewat is basically a seasoned minced beef wrapped in a crispy pastry and topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Its so good!


The Chicken Bastilla roll is similar to the Brewat, with seasoned chicken and minced almonds inside a cinnamon topped pastry. It’s also delicious!


The jasmine salad is quite good for a side salad as well. The dressing is really good and all the ingredients are nice and fresh. You will be served a simple, yet solid bread service as well.



Are go to dinner is usually either the Chicken or Beef Kebabs.  On this visit, we went with the chicken.


You get several large chunks of white meat, seasoned nicely with a nice sear from the grill. It comes with a mixed olive salad as well as couscous. It’s a really solid dish and the perfect amount of food for two people to split along with the sampler appetizer.


In addition to dining on authentic Moroccan food in a really neat atmosphere, you can take in some live entertainment while you dine.


A live musician performs hourly along with a professional belly dancer. While the music can be a little loud, its still brings a great fun atmosphere into the restaurant. The belly dancing is pretty timid for any parents out there who may be concerned. Her outfit is no more revealing than that of Ariel’s.


If there are any younger kids, the dancer will invite them out into the middle to dance with them.


Overall, we are big fans of Restaurant Marrakesh. We’ve dined here several times and never had a bad meal. It offers a unique menu of quality food, all in a super orate and unique setting with some fun entertainment thrown in as well. It’s also very affordable by Walt Disney World table service standards, especially if you split the sampler appetizer and an entree!

In addition to all that, its one of the easiest dining reservations to secure on property. Most of the time you will be fine just showing up as a walk in. This is most likely due to its somewhat exotic menu scarring those with young kids or other picky eaters away; as well as it’s tucked away location in the back of the pavilion. It could be very easy to miss if you aren’t actively looking for it.


For us, that’s a good thing as we never have to worry about not being able to get a table at one of our favorite World Showcase dining options!



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