Why We Miss The Old Rise of the Resistance Opening Procedure!

When Rise of the Resistance first opened last month, an early morning arrival meant pure paradise for guests willing to get out of bed super early. With officially scheduled 8 or 9 am openings, the park was regularly letting guests in between 6:00 and 6:30 with a full slate of attractions open. Not only that, but boarding groups for Rise were available as soon as the guest crossed through the turnstiles to enter the park. This system pretty much guaranteed those who arrived first a morning return time for RotR, but also all allowed them to enjoy the rest of Hollywood Studios with virtually no crowds! It was better than any Early Morning Magic or After Hours event, and it was perfect!

December WDW 2019 458

The controversy Disney faced was that many guests were angry that the park was opening well before the announced opening time. The average WDW guest isn’t scouring the internet for vacation tips and by the the time those folks showed up for the official park opening, boarding groups we either totally gone, or had return times near the end of the day.  Even for families that were aware of the early openings, its not necessarily a feasible option for a family with young kids.

These guest complaints, in addition to Disney wanting to cut back operating hours at attractions, have lead to the new standard opening procedure for Hollywood Studios. The park had its official opening pushed earlier to 7 am through late January, and we wouldn’t be shocked if these early openings are pushed out further. Guests are still let through the turnstiles between 6:00 and 6:30, however there is one HUGE difference.

IMG_1457 (2)

You can no longer secure a Rise boarding group as soon as you enter Hollywood Studios. Instead, boarding groups go live to everyone who is inside the park right at 7 am. This results in a straight up lottery situation as everyone frantically refreshes their MDE apps at the same time. We’ve heard countless stories of folks who had been in the park since 6:15, started searching for boarding group times the instant they go live, and being given a high numbered boarding group with a late afternoon / evening return. At the same time, there are plenty of folks who walk through the gates at 6:59 and are rewarded with a return time withing the first hour or so of operation.

Its a total crap shoot now, with a bit of a silver lining that you’re are still pretty much guaranteed to get a boarding group if you are in the park at 7 am.  I suppose this is good for those who want to get an extra half hour or so of sleep, but we MUCH preferred the old system. It wasn’t perfect, but largely hyped openings are never going to favor the average park guest. I know that may be easy for us to say, not yet having children and being well aware of the early openings, but we still feel those who do their due diligence should be rewarded.

December WDW 2019 477

In addition to the boarding group distribution being pushed back to 7 am, the rides no longer operate prior to official opening either. The creates long lines almost instantly throughout the park meaning you can basically choose 1 headliner attraction to ride with minimal wait at rope drop, and then be forced to deal with the longest waits of the day throughout the rest of the park. There aren’t really any shows  to see in the first couple hours of park operation, so be prepared to wait on line for something!

All of this is for naught really, as the current opening procedure is how things are going to stay. Still, let’s take a look back at my glorious morning back in early December when I first rode Rise of the Resistance under the old opening procedure.

December WDW 2019 455

Knowing guests would be allowed to enter the park somewhere around 6:00 am, I arrived at the gates just after 5:30 with only a dozen or so people ahead of me at my turnstile.

December WDW 2019 457

At just before 6:00, the area has filled up pretty nicely but is still way less crowded then you will currently see before gates open around 6:30 these days.


By refreshing my phone as soon as I entered the park, I was able to secure Boarding Group 11, with an estimated morning arrival time. As it turns out, it would only be about 10 more minutes until my boarding group was called.


However, since the rest of the park was basically a ghost town, I was in no hurry to rush back to Galaxy’s Edge. You are giving a 2 hour window to return after your group is called, and this was prime time to do the rest of Hollywood Studios with zero waits.

December WDW 2019 462

December WDW 2019 463

December WDW 2019 465

December WDW 2019 466

December WDW 2019 468

Slinky Dog Dash was a literal walk on, and would stay that way for quite a while.

December WDW 2019 470

December WDW 2019 471

December WDW 2019 472

December WDW 2019 473

Disney normally charges $79 a head for Toy Story Land’s Early Morning Magic event, and you won’t find waits this low during those events.

December WDW 2019 474

After my first ride, I got right back on for another go round.

December WDW 2019 476

December WDW 2019 478

December WDW 2019 489

I’ve already ridden twice by 6:25 am (17 minutes after first entering the park) and the wait is still 5 minutes. Against my stomach’s wishes, I took one more ride.

December WDW 2019 491

December WDW 2019 492

Alien Swirling Saucers opened a bit later than the other 2 land attractions but it didn’t amass much of wait at any time before official park opening.

December WDW 2019 494

Things are still super quite as I headed over to Toy Story Mania.

December WDW 2019 496

December WDW 2019 498

December WDW 2019 499December WDW 2019 500

There was literally nobody ahead of us on line the entire way.


We’re back out front at 6:42 with still just a 5 minute wait posted. We decided to take 2nd ride on it. The only thing that prevented us from riding a 3rd time is the long walks both to get to and exit the ride.

December WDW 2019 502

We next made our way over towards Sunset Boulevard.

December WDW 2019 503

December WDW 2019 504

There aren’t many places in all of Walt Disney Wold than an empty Sunset Blvd set to a beautiful blue sky just before sunrise.

December WDW 2019 509

December WDW 2019 510

We headed to the Hollywood Tower Hotel first.

December WDW 2019 512

December WDW 2019 513

Again, we are met with zero lines.

December WDW 2019 514

December WDW 2019 515

December WDW 2019 516

December WDW 2019 517

December WDW 2019 518

While we did still have to watch the pre-show, it was just a straight walk up to the elevator loading zones otherwise.

December WDW 2019 522

December WDW 2019 526

Next, over to Rock N’ Roller Coaster where again we will meet no resistance.

December WDW 2019 528

December WDW 2019 530

December WDW 2019 532

We were no required to view the pre-show here either.

December WDW 2019 533

December WDW 2019 535

December WDW 2019 536

We were back out front right around 7:15.

twitter rotr 2

December WDW 2019 540

December WDW 2019 542

We now began making our way in the direction of Galaxy’s Edge.

December WDW 2019 543

First, we had one last stop at Star Tours.

December WDW 2019 546

December WDW 2019 548

December WDW 2019 549

There were only 4 other people on our flight.

December WDW 2019 551

December WDW 2019 552

Finally, we decided it was time!

December WDW 2019 556

December WDW 2019 557

Unfortunately, Rise of the Resistance had just gone down before we arrived at the entrance. We were assured that we would be able to ride as soon as the ride came back up. Though the ride still does go down fairly frequently, its usually not down for more than 60 – 90 minutes at a time. We could have reduced this risk by returning to join right away but the rest of the park was so amazing at that time that we have zero regrets.

December WDW 2019 558

Instead, we made our way over to Smugglers Run. I was surprised that even this area had little to no crowds.

December WDW 2019 562

December WDW 2019 563

December WDW 2019 564

Smugglers Run had a 20 minute wait posted but it ended up being closer to 10.

December WDW 2019 566

December WDW 2019 567

December WDW 2019 569

December WDW 2019 572

December WDW 2019 574

December WDW 2019 576

We don’t care what anyone says, we love this attraction and are so happy it exists. Admittedly, the ride portion itself isn’t an E Ticket, but it’s not supposed to be. And just getting to walk around the Falcon itself is a thrill every time.

December WDW 2019 578

We took a 2nd ride with no wait via the single rider line. Be aware that you will almost always get either the gunner or engineer position if you decide to ride via single rider.

December WDW 2019 580

By the time we finished are second mission, Rise was back up and running. I grabbed a few photos of the resistance base before jumping on line.

December WDW 2019 590

December WDW 2019 592

December WDW 2019 595

We got on line around 8:35 am having already accomplished so much around the park!

twitter rotr 1

As you can see however, ALL of the days boarding groups were distributed 20 minutes before the park officially opened, hence a lot of angry guests and eventual change in operations.

This was one of the best days I’ve ever had in Hollywood Studios, with crowd levels (or lack thereof) we may never experience again. We understand both sides of the argument when it comes to what’s fair when it comes to boarding groups, but we sure do miss the old way. It was nothing short of glorious for those able to get up and out to the park early enough to take advantage of it!

We’ll be back soon with a look at our first time experiencing Rise of the Resistance, along with a full review of WDW’s new headliner attraction. Spoiler alert: It’s amazing!


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