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.  Being adult Disney fans, we get a lot of the same questions over and over again from people who have either not been to a Disney park since they were a child, or people who just don’t “get it” (you know the kind I mean). “You’re going to Disney again?” “Isn’t Disney World for kids?” “You know that Goofy is just some stranger in a costume right?” (For the record, yes I do and it does not make me one bit less excited to snap a picture with him!). The hardest thing to explain to these people, is that the desire to return time and time again is not about eating churros or riding space mountain for the hundredth time. It’s about the feeling of being in your happy place; a state of mind.

When we are in the Disney parks, a sense of comfort washes over us like no where else in this world. Even now, I am having trouble putting this into words, but I have a feeling that if you are reading this, you may know what I am talking about. The feeling of letting your inner child run free, soaking up the world around you and believing in a bit of Disney magic (cliche I know but its true). It all combines for a sense of happiness and awe that quite frankly can’t be beat. It give me peace of mind.

This brings me to the purpose of this blog. I find that whenever I am having a bad day or am just stressed out for one reason or another, taking a mental break and visiting the parks in my mind, whether by looking at photos or reading about somebody else’s experiences, can do wonders. Even listening to the a background music loop from the parks can put me in a great mood. Nostalgia and memories are powerful things, and revisiting in your mind, something that made you feel calm or happy at the time, can help bring back those feelings to the present. I have dealt with anxiety issues for most of my life and I have found this can be a wonderful way to help deal with them. Whether they are reminiscing of a past trip, or looking forward to the next one, I am creating this blog in hopes that this can help others reach that Disney state of mind to bring a little extra joy to their day.

Lastly, while this is primary a Disney focused blog, I will be supplying some non Disney related content from time to time as well. Other than Disney, Photography is my main hobby and I am excited to get the chance to share some of my photos with you both Disney related or not (if you would like to follow me on flickr, click one of the links on the right side of this page). In the end, this Blog is about using things you love to sustain a healthy piece of mind, and I would like to share other things I love with you as well. This may be non Disney related photography or travel, some random useful life hacks,  or even just a new cooking recipe I tried and enjoyed. Who knows? I just want to write about the things that I love and hopefully some of you will enjoy reading about it.

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