Lets Ride… Pirates of the Caribbean at Magic Kingdom

After yesterday’s tribute to Country Bear Jamboree turned out to be quite popular, we are back today with a look at another classic Walt Disney World attraction. Pirates of the Caribbean opened in December of 1973 and has been delights Magic Kingdom guests ever since! In this post, we are going to take a photo tour of the full ride through, as well as present … Continue reading Lets Ride… Pirates of the Caribbean at Magic Kingdom

Let’s Take a Ride on Spaceship Earth

Today we are going to take a ride on Epcot’s signature and best attraction. Spaceship Earth is one of the last attractions standing in terms of Epcot’s original vision, the only other one coming close being the very underrated Living With the Land. Spaceship Earth’s perfect balance of entertainment and education is what made old school Epcot so great. Throw in a duration around 20 … Continue reading Let’s Take a Ride on Spaceship Earth

Top 11 Rides at Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando is Walt Disney World’s biggest competition in the Orlando area, and for the most part it delivers. I personally don’t think it is in the same league as Disney, but there is a specific demographic who will prefer it (mainly teens or young adults who want nothing but thrills,  or kids these days who like to stare at screens for hours on end). That being said, I love to see Universal do well as strong competition can do nothing but good for Disney park fans.

Where Universal falls short for me is its lack of ride variety, paid express pass and various issues I’ve had or witnessed with customer service / employee attitudes. The paid express pass really irks me, not only because it can cost as much as entry to the park itself, but also because I routinely still waited 20 minutes to ride each of the two times I purchased it. The dining is also terrible.

One thing I can’t deny however, is that Universal Orlando has some killer attractions. Sadly, none of these have opened within the last 3 years, which means I haven’t been a big fan of recent park additions (I’m looking at you Fallon). That being said, here are 11 fantastic rides you can experience at Universal Orlando. Continue reading “Top 11 Rides at Universal Orlando”