11 Worst Attractions at WDW

Up until now, pretty much everything I’ve posted on the blog has been positive. Obviously, I enjoy writing about things I enjoy and sharing that with all of you. That, being said, there is PLENTY to complain about with the current state of WDW as well. While I could write entire posts on the current states of Epcot and Hollywood Studios, I’ll save that for … Continue reading 11 Worst Attractions at WDW

Top 11 Rides at Walt Disney World

Typically, discussing which rides are or aren’t the best at any theme park is just looking for an argument. Very few people are going to agree completely and you won’t have much luck changing any of there minds. With that said, this list in MY┬átop 11 rides at Walt Disney World. Some people will probably find it blasphemous that I left off Space Mountain; others … Continue reading Top 11 Rides at Walt Disney World