Review: Chefs De France Pre Fixe Dinner

Chefs De France is a table service restaurant in located in the France pavilion of World Showcase. It is a cheaper, more casual alternative to the fantastic Monsieur Paul, which we previously reviewed here.


The atmosphere of Chef De France is warm and welcoming. The restaurant is filled with a lovely yellow glow, especially at night. The decor is that of a fancy French bistro and there is a great kinetic energy throughout the dining room. It can get a bit loud once it fills up however.




During a recent visit to Chefs De France, I decided to give the $39.99 Pre Fixe Dinner Menu a try. This 3-course menu limits your choices but can be a great value if you were already planning on ordering one of the items included on it. Lets take a look at the menu…





For the Pre Fixe appetizer, you get your choice of French Onion Soup or a nice house salad. Both options are $8.99 on the standard menu.


I went with the soup. This is a very good execution of a fairly standard dish. The broth is super flavorful and the melted cheese on top adds a nice contrast of flavors.


You will also be served a nice warm baguette. This is one of the better bread services in World Showcase.


The bread had a nice and crispy exterior with a soft fluffy interior. It’s served with sea salted butter which is always appreciated.


Drinks are not included with the pre-fixe menu. Here is a look at the wine list…


The pre-fixe entree options include 4 of the 10 dishes available on the standard menu. The only one I recommend avoiding, purely from a value standpoint, is the Gratin De Macaroni which goes for $18.99 ala carte.


I elected to go with the $28.99 Braised Beef. The meat was incredibly tender (no knife required) and served with linguine, pearl onions and sliced carrots in a Cabernet sauce.


I enjoyed this quite a bit, though I wish I had asked for mashed potatoes in lieu of the linguine. The meat had a pot roast like texture and was absolutely full of delicious flavor! This is a dish I would consider even if I was ordering off the standard menu.


For dessert you have your choice of the menu. As I was trying to decide what to order this happened:

twitter france

It’s not important to this review but it’s still pretty funny, and a bit sad.


I went with the Tarte au Chocolat. This was basically chocolate inside of chocolate… with a chocolate roof… served with a chocolate sauce, chocolate crumble and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. In other words: It was amazing!


If you think this is too much chocolate (like that actually exists?) then I’d say go with the swan cream puff… From what I hear, it makes for a wonderful photo.


Overall, I’m a fan of Chefs De France. While not as good as Monsieur Paul upstairs, it still offers quality food in a lovely setting. If you elect to go the pre-fixe route, it can offer pretty good value as well. I paid $39.99 for just over $50 worth of food (both pre-tax).


One thing to note is that the restaurant does not offer an AP or DVC discount, and only accepts Tables in Wonderland during lunch hours. Still, I wouldn’t hesitate to book a reservation here, especially if the items on the pre-fixe interest you.


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