Galaxy’s Edge Review Part 4: The Resistance Forest, Roaming Character Interactions and More

We wrap up our preview coverage of Galaxy’s Edge today with a look at the Resistance Forest. This is the first area of Batuu you will arrive in after entering via Grand Avenue.



Here is a look at the guide map so you can get an idea of the entire layout of the land.



You enter all the way at the bottom of the map seen above. From there you make your way up through the Resistance Forest and towards Black Spire Outpost. The exit from the land is on the far right just above the legend. This will take you over to Toy Story land right near Alien Swirling Saucers.


The back of the map also features a decoder for anything you come across in Batuu that is written in the native language. Cast members will stay in character when it comes to things like this, as well as the general phrases such as “bright suns” or calling the bathroom “refreshers.” It seems many folks on Dis Twitter think that the role playing goes a bit too far at times but we love the commitment to staying on theme.


As you first enter the land, you will soon com upon the entrance to Rise of the Resistance on the left. The attraction doesn’t open until December 5, but every time we learn something new about it we get more and more excited.


We got a great look at a particularly awesome scene of the upcoming ride during D23 this past weekend. You can read more about that here!


Meanwhile, I feel sorry for the cast members stationed outside the ride entrance who have to turn those away who were unaware that the ride is opening later than the land. This was fairly minimal during AP previews since you tend to have more serious parks fans attending, but I imagine once the general public hits the land there will be plenty of folks hoping to get on the ride, unaware that it has yet to debut.


Even the outdoor section of the queue for it looks beautiful!


We can’t stress how excited we are for this experience!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Kylo Ren

This massive hangar bay will be part of the ride and will be filled with tie fighters, droids, and something like 100 Stormtroopers. This will be a mix of stationary figures and audio animatronics.

Image result for rise of the resistance galaxy's edge

The attraction will also feature 2 full sized AT ATs.

Related image

New info released just today by Disney states the following:

You will join the Resistance and depart from Batuu in a transport ship to meet General Leia Organa at a secret rendezvous point. Along the way, however, you will be captured by a First Order Star Destroyer. The action then ramps up as you seek to escape the clutches of Kylo Ren and the First Order – with the help of some heroes of the Resistance.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance



You can find multiple Resistance ships throughout the forest as well. It would have been cool if Poe Dameron’s X Wing was here but what we get is still really neat.





One of the coolest aspects of Batuu is the roaming characters. You never know who you are going to come across. In the Resistance Forest you are obviously more likely to come across those in the Resistance.


Rey was teaching an impromptu class to some younger visitors when we first came across her.


This was really cool to see and you could tell would be a highlight of the trip for some of these families!



Later on in the day, we came across Chewy, Rey and a mechanic working on one of the ships.




They turned to the crowd for some advice which seemed to get the job done!



At this point, there is admittedly not a whole lot to do in the Resistance Forest part of the land. That will all change in December however when Disney’s biggest attraction ever built finally opens. For now, its still a cool place to explore where you have a good chance of having some really great character interactions.


That does it for our preview coverage of Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios. We absolutely love this land and can not wait to visit it again! For any of those you missed it, you can check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of our Galaxy’s Edge review by clicking their respective links!

We hope you enjoyed joining us for our adventures in Batuu! Let us know your thoughts on the new land in comments below!


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