Galaxy’s Edge Review Part 2: Oga’s Cantina, Blue Milk, Space Cola, Docking Bay 7 and Ronto Roasters

We return to Batuu today to check out some of the food and beverage options around Galaxy’s Edge. I’ll also continue to throw in some random photos showcasing the incredible level of detail throughout the new land.


Pretty much all of the dining / shopping spots are located within the Black Spire Outpost section of the land. This is the area controlled by the First Order and also contains the Millennium Falcon ride. Upon arriving at the Outpost, you will come across a few pod racers.



Located in the heart of the outpost is Oga’s Cantina. This is Batuu’s take on the Mos Eisley Cantina from A New Hope.


If you wish to visit Oga’s, it is strongly encouraged to make a reservation. This can be done up to 180 days out here. For the preview event, I was given a card which I basically exchanged for entry into the bar.


Unlike a typical bar, your spot will be assigned upon entering the building. Larger parties may be lucky enough to score one of the horseshoe shaped booths in the photo above. If you are a smaller party, the best you can probably hope for is a spot on the bar itself.


I was put on the very end of one of the islands located in between the bar itself and the perimeter booths. Luckily, I headed to the Cantina early to try and beat the crowds so it was still very chill for most of my time there. Plus, I was right next to DJ Rex which was awesome.


Oga’s serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, all of which are pre-mixed. All the bar tenders do is fill the glasses straight from the tap.



Seeing as it was 9:30 in the morning, I decided to go with a non-alcoholic option. I ordered Carbon Freeze: Lemon Lime Powerade, Strawberry and Blueberry w/ Green Apple Boba Pearls.


The drink was fine, but not worth the $7 price tag. You are definitely paying an upcharge for the atmosphere. Plus, you are always going to come up short on value ordering a non alcoholic drink at a bar anyways.


The cantina also had a couple breakfast snacks available. I hadn’t eaten so I decided to to try one of each.


The Mustafarian Lava Roll is basically a cinnabon, with a couple toppings to liven it up a bit. The roll itself was on the dry side but the flavors were good. There is a chocolate crumble in the middle that adds a nice crunch and the strawberry drizzle is yummy enough. Again, this is not worth the $8 cost, but it does taste good at least.


I didn’t care much for the Rising Moons Over Oats. The fruit in this yogurt cup all has a mushy, slimy texture and not much flavor. The yogurt and oats at the bottom were fine I guess but for $7, I wouldn’t order this again.


In terms of atmosphere, Oga’s is really neat. The central bar has all kinds of interesting looking containers and tubes hanging above and the whole vibe of the place has a very Star Wars feel to it.



It also has DJ Rex spinning tunes which was the highlight of the experience for me. For those unaware, Rex was the pilot on the original version of Star Tours. I loved him back then and I still love him to this day. It’s nice to see him get a solid role here on Batuu.


Most of the tunes Rex was spinning were quite catchy as well. I’m usually not one for EDM, but I found myself grooving along to whatever was playing.


By the time I was done with my food and drink the bar was starting get fill up. It was definitely a much less pleasant experience once they started cramming everybody in tight. This is definitely where most complaints have come from those visiting the cantina. It gets very crowded and you are instructed to stay at your own assigned spot at all times.


We had 10 people assigned to our little island. Since I was on the end, and somebody else was on the end of the island next to us, servers constantly had to ask me to squeeze through. Also, it took quite a while to pay my check as the servers are stretched pretty thin. There is a two drink / 45 minute maximum per guest as well in order to try and accommodate more guests throughout the day.


Overall, I did enjoy Oga’s, but really just for the atmosphere. My drink was fine, but I would probably avoid the food options due to price. If you can deal with the crowds than I say go for it.


If you make a left out of the cantina, you will come across a First Order ship parked in the far corner of the land.


This is just one of several impressive ships you can find docked throughout Batuu. Every now and then you may see some Storm Troopers or First Order officers working on or around the ship.


To the left of the ship you will find First Order Cargo. You can head there if you want any merchandise to support the dark side.


Up next, we will give the extremely divisive Blue Milk a try. The “milk” can be purchased form a stand near the First Order ship.


The drink is non dairy for any lactose intolerant folks out there. It’s basically a fruit flavored slushy, but with a bit of a creamier texture. This is Disney’s attempt at creating a Butterbeer style must have drink, but unfortunately I don’t see that happening here.


Reactions to the Blue (and Green) Milks have been mixed to say the least. Just from my experiences, it seems maybe 60% hate it, 10% love it and 30% think its fine. I would fall into that last category. It certainly didn’t taste bad. But the texture is definitely a bit off and it wasn’t something I felt like I would have the urge to order every trip to Batuu. I could see myself getting one every now and then more as a novelty than anything else.


If you’re not in the mood to give the “milk” a try, you can always grab a Galaxy’s Edge themed Coke product. I love that Coca Cola designed special bottles just for the land! They look really awesome and it allows you to enjoy a soft drink in the land without sacrificing theme. My only complaint is the cost. One of these will run you $6 and it contains less soda than a regular (still crazy) $4.50 bottle.


Similar shaped Sprite bottles are available as well. If you aren’t a soda drinker, you can grab a themed Dasani water instead!


From here, we will make our way over towards the Marketplace where we will find both of the quick service dining options within the land.




Docking Bay 7 is the main restaurant on Batuu. It features a decent sized menu and plenty of indoor seating. I didn’t order anything since I had already eaten at Oga’s, but I did wander the dining room which is really neat.





As is the case with the entire land as a whole, there are tons of little touches and details throughout to enhance your experience.



For a review of the food, I recommend checking out Disney Tourist Blog’s post on the restaurant here. They rank it up there as one of the top quick service restaurants in all of Walt Disney World!


If you are looking for more of a fun specialty item, head just down the path to Ronto Roasters.


In the Star Wars universe, a Ronto is a large almost dinosaur looking creature native to Tatooine.


Here, we are “roasting” up the finest Ronto meats using a large rocket engine in the center of the room! It looks super cool looking and makes for a really fun snack.




The engine is operated by a robot worker who probably isn’t getting paid enough per hour.



The only food items available here are the Ronto Wrap, as well as a couple choices of turkey jerky.

Image result for galaxy's edge ronto wrap

We did not try the Ronto Wrap yet, but everything we have heard about it has been positive.


A nice thematic touch is this little room off to the side with various critters waiting to be cooked up hanging from the ceiling.


While a full table service option would have been nice, the food and drinks on Batuu still impressed me overall. Both quick service options are solid and Oga’s was a lot of fun, albeit a bit hectic. I didn’t love the Blue Milk, but I would order it again as a novelty.


We will be back soon to look at all of the various shopping experiences to be found around Galaxy’s Edge!


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