11 Distinctly Patriotic Walt Disney World Experiences

A great deal of Walt Disney World’s charm, especially at Magic Kingdom is rooted in classic Americana. Throughout the WDW parks, Walt’s love for his country is well represented.

In honor of July 4th, here are 11 experiences (in no particular order) you can have at Walt Disney World to celebrate our great nation!

Flag Retreat at Magic Kingdom

Image result for magic kingdom flag retreat


American Adventure

Image result for disney american adventure


Hall of Presidents

Image result for disneyworld.com hall of presidents


Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress



Muppet Vision 3D



The Muppets Present… Great Moments in American History

383b (14)


Voices of Liberty

Image result for disneyworld voices of liberty


4th of July Fireworks

Image result for disneyworld 4th of july fireworks


Dining at Liberty Tree Tavern

Image result for disneyworld liberty tree tavern patriots platter


Exploring Frontierland

Image result for disneyworld frontierland


Main Street USA




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