The Polite Pig Review (And the Great Disney Springs Parking Garage Debate!)

Today, we are going to take a look at The Polite Pig, a fast casual BBQ restaurant located in Disney Springs. The restaurant opened in 2017, and is the sister restaurant of The Ravenous Pig; a widely popular gastropub in Winter Park, FL.


The restaurant uses the fast causal service model which has become quite popular over the past few years. You order at a counter where you will be given a tracker device. You can then go find a seat at any table you like. Once your food is ready, a server will deliver it to your table. At the end of the meal, servers will clear and clean your table as well. Because of this, I always leave a tip when eating here.


The restaurant is located in the Town Center section of Disney Springs, right as you exit the Lime Garage. There seems to be quite the online debate about which is the best DS parking garage; we always go Lime ourselves. It provides the perfect central location, plus you can order this bumper sticker to show your support!


Orange is only really only convenient for the West Side which we have very little reason to go to (We don’t go to the movies or bowling on vacation, and not much interest in paying Jaleo prices). The Grapefruit Garage is just a joke!

Getting back to the restaurant, upon entering you will see a large smoker behind a glass wall, as well as some other thematic touches.


The counter to order will be on your right just past this area. You will actually do a bit of zig-zagging back and forth in this area as you wait on line… which is perfect for Walt Disney World I suppose.


The menu is on the expensive side for this type of meal. This makes it one of the best uses of a quick service meal plan credit, but pricey when paying out of pocket. They do offer a 10% AP discount at least.

polite pig menu 1polite pig menu 2

The “From the Smoker” platters are the best values on the menu since they come with cornbread, slaw and your choice of 1 “Market Side”.  The sandwiches basically just come with a pickle spear.

After placing our order, we placed our tracker on a table then went to grab our various drinks and sauces.


Four difference sauces are available via the dispenser above. They are all very good and we particularly enjoy the Layla’s Sweet and Lil John’s Signature Sauces.


The atmosphere of the restaurant follows the current trend of hipster industrial decor. Exposed ceilings and copious amounts of brick are the theme here. Its a fairly pleasant aesthetic, if not a bit on the boring side.


Tables are crammed fairly close together, but at least every table gets its own paper towel roll. A large window gives a great view into the kitchen area.


By the time we returned to our seats, our food had arrived.


Above is the smoked turkey, along with waffle fries, slaw and jalapeno cornbread. As you can see, you get several slices of white meat turkey. The meat was well seasoned and very tender, as you would expect from a smoked meat. It was served warm, rather than hot which is worth noting.


Here we have the brisket platter, again with waffle fries as well as the bbq cauliflower. The brisket was a little on the fatty side for our tastes, but the flavors were still very good.


Lastly, here is the 1/2 chicken, which is basically a (small) whole chicken sliced right down the middle. We ordered the mac n cheese and a side salad to go along with this. Not much to say about the chicken. It was fine.

All of the “Market Sides” were really good. The seasoning on the waffle fries was really tasty, the mac n’ cheese was rich and creamy with the nice crunch of the breadcrubms added in; and the bbq cauliflower was just straight up delicious! They are rather expensive however, if paying ala carte, averaging $6 a piece.

The side salad left a lot to be desired. It was soggy and the lettuce did not seem to be the best quality.


The restaurant also offers an extensive drink menu with lots of beer options on tap, as well as several wine and cocktail options.

pig beer 1pig bar 1

The restaurant also features a Bourbon Bar with over 100 options, ranging in price from $9 – $185 per serving.


The bar is located along the exterior wall of the restaurant with half the seating inside, and half outside.

Overall, we really enjoy The Polite Pig. Its a bit on the expensive side for what is technically quick service, but you are getting quality food for your money. If you are on the Disney dining plan, it’s a no brainer!


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