Disney Character Warehouse Outlet: May 2019 Update

One of the better kept secrets in the WDW area, the Disney Character Warehouse Outlet stores stock tons of great Disney products which were recently pulled from the shelves inside the parks. The item’s prices are severely marked down (this is essentially a clearance store), often up to as much as 80% off! Several times I have come across t-shirts tagged at $7-$10 in the outlet, that I had previously bought inside a Disney park for $25-$30.

If you are looking to score lots of great Disney parks merch, for some seriously low prices, this is the place for you. If you don’t need the very latest and greatest park merch right away, we suggest taking a ride to the Character Warehouse and going nuts there. You can make a quite a killing with the same amount of dough you might of spent on 2 or 3 souvenirs inside the parks!


There are two Disney Character Outlets located near Walt Disney World, however neither are one property. One is located at the Orlando International Premium Outlets near Universal. The other is located at the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets. This location is closer to WDW property and is also the bigger of the 2 stores. The stores are directly operated by Disney! Everything is authentic and you can use Disney gift cards there!

We stopped by the Vineland location the other day to see what we could find. Let’s start off with some clothing items. I tried to photo the tags so you can see both the original, and marked down price in each photo. Note: you can not use any AP or DVC discounts at the outlet stores.

IMG_0127$30 marked down to $10.

IMG_0132$35 marked down to $13.


IMG_0133I really like this Biergarten shirt marked all the way down to $8. Unfortunately, they did not have my size.  There was a lot of stock for S, M, and L but not a ton of XL on this day.



This Kilimanjaro’s Safari shirt was literally on display at several locations around Animal Kingdom just 3 days before I was at the outlet. Here is is 60% off what it cost at the park.

IMG_0136I bought the sweatshirt above for $59.99 (before my AP discount) back when I was cold at the Christmas Party in December. As you can see, its a third of that price now here.

IMG_0148I can’t imagine anyone paying $50 for sweatpants, but the $20 here is much more reasonable!

IMG_0147I would totally wear this Wall-E sweatshirt, complete with a neat hood. They had similar items for Pumbaa and Chewbacca as well! All of them were marked down to $15 from $65 which is 77% off.

IMG_0157There are plenty of great deals on women’s clothing as well.


IMG_0141Disney dresses for women are crazy overpriced to begin with. This is one of several that was marked down for over $100 off their original price.

IMG_0124For this kids, princess dresses can be found here for huge savings as well!

IMG_0128Babies don’t have to miss out either. Here is an awesome haunted mansion set for infants.

IMG_0129It was available in a Pirates of the Caribbean themed set as well! Both marked down from $45 to $20.


Let’s move onto  some toys and collectables…






There was quite a bit of Epcot 35th and Animal Kingdom 20th Anniversary Items.




Lot’s of good deals on pins too.

IMG_0144IMG_0145I was tempted by this Pandora themed light…

IMG_0151I did end up buying these bowls though for over 50 % off.




IMG_0172Now you can lie and tell everyone you completed the Princess 10k! Unless of course you actually did it, which if that’s the case, good work!

IMG_0155Great savings on these neat handbags!




There were lots up Iphone cases up to the 8, but none for any of the X models.



This Illuminations CD wasn’t really marked down, but you should still buy it if you don’t already own it!

IMG_0175I picked up these vintage Disney parks postcards because they are pretty amazing and you get 9 for a dollar!

Here are just a few more of the neat things we stumbled across:







And probably the biggest discount we could find was for this life size remote BB8 and this realistic looking Kylo Ren light saber.

IMG_0165The BB8 here for $80 was originally listed at $300! If you want to have a glass light saber fight (probably a bad idea), you can purchase 2 for $120 here as well!

Overall, the Disney Character Outlet is a real treasure trove of deals waiting to be found for Disney park fans! We highly recommend making time to check it out during your trip, even if it does require you to temporarily burst the Disney bubble you get by sticking on property.


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