Top 11 Restaurants for a Romantic Date Night in WDW

Hey everyone! In honor of Valentines Day I figured I’d throw together a quick top 11 list of Mary Beth and I’s favorite locations for a romantic meal in WDW. Hope you enjoy!

11. San Angel Inn

The atmosphere is tough to beat with the eternal night sky and the Mayan temple off in the distance. The only thing which causes the restaurant to slip a bit on the list is that the tables are packed very close together.

10. The Boathouse (Outdoor Seating)


The Boathouse is one of our favorite WDW restaurants period. It has some of the best food on property at price points to meet a wide variety of budgets. The interior tends to get a bit loud, however there are several tables along the water outside that make a great romantic spot once the sun goes down.

9. Yachtsman Steakhouse

The decor is a bit dated in this New England themed restaurant, however its still a nice atmosphere with appropriate lighting and noise level for a date night out. Its location on Crescent Lake helps as well.

8. Trattoria Al Forno (Outdoor Seating)

While Trattoria Al Forno is a pretty standard Italian restaurant in terms of food quality and theme, it benefits greatly from its location on Disney’s Boardwalk. The outdoor seating area is on the Boardwalk itself. After dark, the Boardwalk lights up and comes alive making this a great spot to relax and enjoy a nice meal.

7.  Flying Fish

While Flying Fish doesn’t benefit from the outdoor seating aspect of Trattoria Al Forno, it does have one of the nicest interiors of any WDW restaurant. The lighting and decor is gorgeous, particularly after dark. Its location in the heart of Disney’s Boardwalk is lovely as well for an after dinner stroll.

6. Narcoossee’s

While the interior decor at Narcoossee’s doesn’t scream “romantic”, it still manages to pull it off thanks to its location and a lot of windows. The combination of being on the water along with Cinderella Castle off in the distance is really nice. The restaurant looks considerably nicer after dark thanks to a well done lighting package. You can also view the Magic Kingdom fireworks from either your table or out on the deck outside if you time things right.

5. Le Cellier

In terms of food quality, we think Le Cellier is a little over rated. Its serves very good steaks but there are many places on WDW property that serve great steaks. That being said, the food is still above average and the atmosphere of the restaurant is perfect for a romantic dinner.

4. California Grill

Serving top not food at a great location, California Grill is our favorite restaurant in all of WDW. The only thing that keeps this from claiming a top 3 spot on this list is that the restaurant can get a bit loud at times. Still, you won’t be disappointed if you plan a romantic evening here. Be sure to book a time to sync up with the Magic Kingdom fireworks for the best experience.

3. Monsieur Paul

Monsieur Paul is the best restaurant inside of a WDW park for a romantic date night. The food is fantastic, the service top notch and the decor elegant. If timed right, you can see the fireworks from Illuminations for your table as well.

2. Jiko

We first dined at Jiko during our honeymoon and we found it to be the most intimate and romantic atmosphere of the trip. Everything about the restaurant’s decor and lighting is gorgeous. Combine that with great food and a short walk to the hotel’s savanna and you have a great date night.

1. Victoria and Albert’s


Full disclosure… we have never dined at Victoria and Albert’s. That being said, I could not bring myself to list it at any place but number one on this list. Its widely regarded as not just one of the best restaurants at WDW, but in the entire country. We have also heard nothing but amazing things from everybody we know who has dined there. This would be the ultimate special occasion date night for us and one we hope to check off our bucket list in the near future!



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