A Pre – Halloween Party Tour of Tomorrowland

I attended Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party on Sept 30, 2018. I will have full coverage of the party coming up soon. In the mean time, we are going to take a visit to Tomorrowland, starting approximately 6 pm, or 1 hour before the official start of the party. The park is officially closed to non party guests for this hour.DSC_4696

Since we have no desire to wait on hour plus lines to meet either Jack Skellington and Sally, or the Seven Dwarfs, we like to use the pre-party time to squeeze in some attractions. Magic Kingdom daytime crowds are typically much lighter on party days and you can get a lot done even if you aren’t entering until 4 pm with your party ticket. If you are not attending the party, we highly recommend visiting Magic Kingdom on party dates to take advantage of the lower crowds, then park hopping over another evening to watch Happily Ever After.

For today, we are going to focus solely on the 6:00 hour and see how things are looking in the hour leading up to the party.


I arrived at Space Mountain at right around 6:05 pm. At this point you need an event wristband in order to enter the line. You cant really see it in the photo but the wait is posted at 10 minutes.

DSC_4674The ride ended up being a walk on.




The exit for Space Mountain is currently being reworked, with a temporary exit set up which has you walk outside around the back of the building.




This route has you pass right over the train tracks. Sadly, the WDW Railroad will be going dark for quite a while due to construction of the Tron Light Cycle Coaster. Why this is happening so early in the coaster’s construction is unclear (the show building hasn’t even gone vertical yet).


I suppose it may have something to do with a potential re-route of Tomorrowland Speedway. I just hope it doesn’t mean that the WDW Railroad will be closed for the entire duration of the construction (multiple years).

DSC_4698You will eventually end up on the right side of the Space Mountain gift shop which the normal exit let out into.

Continuing on, lets take a ride on the real unsung hero of Tomorrowland.

DSC_4704The incredibly underrated TTA Peoplemover is one of our favorite attractions in all of Magic Kingdom. Its incredibly relaxing and provides lots of great views all around Tomorrowland, as well as Cinderella Castle.











There was no one waiting to board when I got back to the station so I decided to go around again.



I still had some time left before the party started to I walked onto Buzz Lightyear with no intention of actually playing the game by myself. I just wanted to take some photos.






DSC_4779As you can see, I was super concerned about getting a high score!

At this point, it was right around 6:50 and I decided to start heading back towards the hub with the Halloween party set to officially kick off. I hope you enjoyed this little pre-party tour of Tomorrowland. We will be back with our full coverage of MNSSHP soon.

Thanks for reading!


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